Warehouse Exhibition Yokohama

Why not?

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Pendulum Sound Machine

Minature music boxes

Music Table

Pendulum Sound Machine

Close up of the turntable

Cornelia invited me to the opening of Kouchi Okamoto’s exhibition at Pola Museum Annex in Ginza. Kouchi performed a live sound installation piece with his Pendulum Sound Machine and we got to see the Music Table, an intricate web of miniature music boxes controlled by a table lined with switches.

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〒166 Tokyo


Narrow Alley

Junk Mail

166 3-10-7


Hang Dry


Some photos of my neighborhood.

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Stina’s Show

Work by Stina

I went to see Stina Fisch‘s opening at the Embassy of Luxembourg last night, then we partied afterward. Her work is great and so is she. Her residency at Youkubo is over but the exhibition is on for some time to come.

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Go Smoking

Go Smoking

It looks like a comedy t-shirt design but it is a bona fide public information graphic from Tokyo NRT.

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Love Matsuri

Dance, lanterns, drums and more meat and beer than anyone can handle. Last night we hitched a ride to the matsuri in the awesome vehicle pictured above. I think the driver liked my jinbei.

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Cornelia Aquarius Dreams

Amazing new video from my friend Cornelia, directed by Martyn Thomas.

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Toilet Graphics

I don’t think I have ever seen a cute public toilet before. Apparently it was nice inside too.

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When hiking in the mountains, don’t forget the nihonshu.

And don’t miss that great view of skytree.

But do bring your dog, there is even special water so he can do a prayer.

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Hong Kong Cigarette Warning

A guest graphic from my friend Gabriel Leigh. This funky pink-shirted skeleton is running on cigarette packets in Hong Kong right now. After the horror of Thai cigarette warnings and various impotency warnings, this guy is almost an affirmation that smoking is still cool. Leave a good-looking corps, why not?

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